How NHBC revolutionised its approach to data analytics

What if you could increase the profitability of your organisation simply by changing the way your teams create new insights from data and communicate information?

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Barnett Waddingham


16 September 2021

Allan Engelhardt writes on the Barnett Waddingham blog about a case study. Working with NHBC, a nationwide, independent provider of warranty and insurance for new homes, we delivered a bespoke programme of training and mentoring to enable their analysts to adopt a high-performance approach, master the tools and deliver genuine value and commercial results across the entire organisation.

"We started out with a gap analysis. Where did we need the most focus? What would help us the most? ... We knew this wasn’t a standalone software that we could easily use in a corporate environment without external help."

NHBC wanted to do more with its decades-worth of data and its approach to analytics, recognising this to be the key to unlocking corporate growth and profitability.

Having made the decision to adopt R coding as the basis for its pricing, the in-house pricing team were looking for dedicated guidance and support on how to best leverage the software to meet the organisation’s particular needs. This required an overhaul of their entire data science capabilities and a re-engineering of their end-to-end processes and approach. From programming skills to modelling skills, through to audit capabilities and technical updates, the challenges inherent to this decision were widespread.

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"It’s revolutionised how we look at R and how we think we should code. As a knock-on effect, that’s going to revolutionise our business… The benefits far outweigh the costs, especially longer term."

Watch the customer testimonial on the Barnett Waddingham website here.

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