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A robust, scalable, fact-based, and data-driven approach to innovation at all levels, from incremental to transformational

Customers’ expectations are changing, markets are constantly evolving, and disruption is a fact of life. Do you have a robust and repeatable data-driven process for product and proposition development, data monetisation, and distribution and sales strategy?

We developed a robust, scalable, fact-based, and data-driven approach to innovation at all levels, from incremental to transformational. It all starts with the business and asking the right questions. We have used the approach with organizations of all sizes, from multi-billion global corporates through FTSE-250 companies and even to start-up organizations.

Example: 18 months to develop and launch new Health Insurance products in 195 countries

In 2013 Bupa Global set out an ambitious new strategy to deliver substantial growth and quickly realised they needed to develop a deep understanding of their target customers, of the products and services they would value, and of the markets in which they live. To this end Allan Engelhardt was brought in from CYBAEA to join the Bupa Leadership Team and establish the global Customer Insights function in Bupa Global.

We quickly made the decision that we needed to replace all of our existing products and propositions with new ones that we had to design from scratch, a monumental undertaking in the heavily regulated Health Insurance industry made worse because we operate in 195 countries, each with its own regulation.

Eighteen months later, the new propositions were launched following a structured research and data analytics programme that is outlined in the Bupa Global case study.

How we do it

Our Visual Blueprint for commercial success is a proven approach to identifying and extracting new value from data. It starts with the business creating a long list of opportunities (what we Could Do) and reducing it though value proposition prioritisation process to the shorter Should Do list and on to the Will Do list of committed initiatives with clarity on the changed work, the success metrics, and the ongoing evaluation. Then the implementation is usually easy, but of course we cover that as well in the Visual Blueprint.

[CYBAEA's Visual Blueprint for commercial success of data projects]

CYBAEA’s Visual Blueprint for commercial success of data projects. Click for large version.

In the data economy it is not who owns the data that conveys competitive advantage; it is who uses it better by asking the best questions and has the courage to act on the insights.

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