Value and growth architects for the data economy

We are value and growth architects for the data economy; we are passionate about value creation and delivering financial results. It is not owning the data that conveys the competitive advantage; it is using it better by asking the best questions and acting confidently and decisively on the insights. That’s where we help.

We help you use data and science to make more from what you have. We bring the scientific method to the boardroom to enable decisions that are based on facts. We help you build your leadership’s trust in data, confidence in its insights, and courage to act to deliver lasting impact on the organization’s performance.

Customer Value Management (CVM)

You have customers and data about your customers, but do you really understand customer value and are you able to optimize this value across all marketing and operational activities?

We pioneered the Customer Value Management (CVM) approach originally for Vodafone Netherlands before first taking it to the rest of the mobile industry, which adopted it wholesale, and then to other sectors. We have decades of experience helping organizations make more with the customers they already have.

+5% EBITDA growth annually is consistently achieved by companies adopting our CVM approach in B2C industries, with higher variability in other types of business.

Read the Vodafone case study.

Our CVM approach considers your existing customer base as an asset, puts in place commercial profit and loss (P&L) reporting and assigns a commercial owner within the organization. It develops the capabilities necessary for value optimization; this includes scientific marketing with fast test-and-learn capacity in an omni-channel execution environment with solid and commercially accountable data and analytics to deliver insights-driven campaigns and products.

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Customer Experience and Advocacy

You have customers, but do you really understand the job they need to get done and how they experience your organization across the entire customer journey? Are you consistently turning promoters into advocates who leave you reviews and ratings, and who rave about you to anybody and everybody?

We developed our unique CX Impact approach to Customer Experience (CX) at organizations where the leadership team was frustrated to know what initiatives to prioritise and were struggling to demonstrate the bottom line impact to the CFO.

We work with CX leaders to re-ignite their programme and bring it back as a priority on the leadership table.

+20% EBITDA growth or more, usually delivered over 3 years with +5% revenues up for grabs through quick wins in 6 months is typical.

Sample case studies: Insurance and Gambling / Leisure.

Our CX Impact approach uses data, science, and a strong understanding of the financial value in the organization to re-ignite your CX programme and deliver:

  1. Automatically generated, prioritised operational actions expressed in plain English with targets against existing operational KPIs.
  2. CX Economics: Clear and trusted financial models to the KPIs you already track (eg EBIT), to get your CX initiatives prioritised.

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Innovation and Growth

You have customers, but they are changing and your markets are changing. Do you have a robust and repeatable data-driven process for product and proposition development, data monetisation, and distribution and sales strategy?

Bupa Global needed to quickly implement a completely new portfolio of health insurance products in 195 countries; see that case study for one example.

Our Visual Blueprint for commercial success is a proven approach to identifying and extracting new value from data. It starts with the business creating a long list of opportunities (what we Could Do) and reducing it though value proposition prioritisation process to the shorter Should Do list and on to the Will Do list of committed initiatives with clarity on the changed work, the success metrics, and the ongoing evaluation. Then the implementation is usually easy, but of course we cover that as well in the Visual Blueprint.

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