How to retire early (and be happy and productive)


6 March 2006

So you have invested in the Next Net 25, made a fortune1 and looking to retire. What to do? How to cope? Philip Greenspun (who retired aged 37) has the answer in Early Retirement.

Much of the advice is useful to anybody who wants to be happier and more productive. My favorite productivity tip:

Don’t read the newspaper or email in the morning because it will scramble your brain with lots of disconnected ideas and you won’t be able to accomplish any serious work for the rest of the day ([source:] very productive friend who has just completed his fourth book)

Philip is one of those really interesting persons with a fascinating history that I’d love to meet over a couple of beers in a bar some day.


  1. Investment tips during the dot-bomb era were notoriously bad. CNN manages to pick a few good ones in its list, including

    • Google,
    • YouTube (acquired by Google),
    • JotSpot (acquired by Google a few months later),
    • Writerly (acquired by, you guessed it, Google one month (!) later),
    • Microsoft,
    • Brightcove,
    • Salesforce, and
    • Amazon.

    Of the acquisitions, I think only YouTube was publicly listed. The remainder were bombs, apart from a few companies that are still private (eg Basecamp).