Make money from data


From 2002 to 2019 CYBAEA operated as a company. Eventually, all the partners moved on to other roles.

Now, this site is a loose collection of people interested in delivering commercial value from data and insights, especially around customer value management (CVM), customer experience (CX), and innovation and growth. The main editor is Allan Engelhardt.

At CYBAEA, we are passionate about value creation and delivering commercial results. We help organizations identify and act upon opportunities in the areas of Customer Value Management (CVM), Customer Experience and Advocacy, and Innovation and Growth. We are commercially-driven scientists, data scientists, customer experience experts, strategic thinkers, and practical hands-on doers. We can help you discover your opportunities, paint your vision, align your organization, and deliver the bottom-line results.

We make money from data.

We use data and science to make more from what you have. We bring the scientific method to the boardroom to enable decisions that are based on facts. We help leadership’s trust in data, confidence in its insights, and courage to act to deliver lasting impact on the organization’s performance.

About our name

It is not important, but our name is Latin:

cybaea (latin), ae, f.: trading vessel; a transport, cargo, or merchant ship.

It refers to a merchant ship of Greek origin that was common in the Mediterranean. Mentioned in Latin only by Cicero in the orations against Verres, it is described as “most beautiful and richly adorned”.

We prefer the translation “trading vessel”—isn’t that what every company is? Pronunciation was probably with an initial [k] sound but everybody uses a [s] sound, like “cyber-”, so that is that we go with, with the final ‘e’ and ‘a’ each pronounced separately.

We keep saying we will change the name because nobody can pronounce it, but it never happens. Perhaps we just have to accept that if it was good enough for Cicero then it is good enough for us.

More at Wikitionary entry for cybaeus; much more at Perseus search for cybaea.