CX Conversations: Are yours unhelpful?


1 November 2018

Cassandra Goodman makes a passionate plea for Customer Experience (CX) leaders to focus on what matters: improving the business through better customer- and employee experience. Read her piece on LinkedIn: Focussing On The Scoreboard Won’t Improve Team Performance

Her list of unhelpful conversations are all sadly too common and include:

and, perhaps saddest of all,

(Of course you are different. We all are. That doesn’t mean we can’t learn from each other.)

We recently had the opportunity to test three different CX questions in field for a client who is just starting their measurement. We did robust analysis and came back with clear reasons why they should continue with two of the metrics and how they provide different perspectives on the experience, one more UX the other more Brand and CX .

Six months later the organization is still full of angst, worrying if we have “the one true metric” (to rule them all). We have failed this company so very badly. Sorry.

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