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Customer Experience (CX) done right typically delivers in excess of 20% EBITDA growth

Customer Experience (CX) done right typically delivers in excess of 20% EBITDA growth. To achieve this, CX must show how it drives clear priorities for operational improvements that deliver financial results.

  • Are you frustrated that your Customer Experience programme does not have the visibility and impact it deserves?
  • Are your CX initiatives struggling to get prioritised and funded at the leadership table?
  • Are you under pressure to deliver real improvements with bottom-line impact but your CX scores are stagnating or even declining?

You are not alone. A key enabler of CX success is the programme’s ability to answer the Now what? and So what? questions from operational managers and executives. What operational business changes should I prioritise to improve the experience? And so what is the impact on the bottom line numbers that the CEO cares about when I have done it?

Your Customer Experience programme may be struggling to deliver its impact in part because:

  • Managers are not clear on which actions they need to take and prioritise to improve the customer experience and the score.
  • Leaders don’t believe the financials, either because you are not measuring the right financial impact or because your financial model is not trusted.

We can help revitalise and re-energize CX programmes

It is not at all uncommon for CX initiatives to enter a period of low impact. It is important to get out of this phase as quickly as possible. We can help.

We deliver solutions that:

  1. automatically present prioritized operational actions in plain English, and
  2. link these actions clearly and believably to existing financial KPIs (eg EBITDA or lifetime value) through CX Economics.

We help companies:

  • Build trust in data, courage to change, and grow capabilities to deliver CX Impact.
  • Put Customer and Experience back at the centre of their business.

Operational recommendations are in plain English with targets against your existing operational KPIs. Likewise, financial impact is measured against your existing financial KPIs that the board cares about (EBIT, Revenues, Churn, Gross Margin, …). The example below is derived from a live customer implementation and uses turnaround time in repair stores as the operational metric, NPS as the CX metric, and EBIT as the financial metric.

[Automated recommendations with transparent financial impact]
Automated, prioritised operational recommendations in plain English with transparent Financial impact provided through advanced AI and machine learning and trusted financial models. (Click on image for larger version.)

We help you leverage the power of your existing data through our advanced Data Science capabilities to build customised AI recommendation engines and financial CX Impact models. This ensure the recommendations are relevant to your managers and the impact is trusted by your leadership.

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We have worked with organizations across industries to re-ignite and accelerate their CX programmes for impact. As a result, these companies have delivered enviable results for their customers and for their business with measured impact on Customer Experience, loyalty, recommendations, and EBIT.

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