Training from CYBAEA

Training can be the key to rapid success on your data and analytics projects. We regularly provide training, both public courses and bespoke modules for teams or organizations.

Our training focuses on practical examples and emphasizes results over theoretical sophistication, and is intended for practitioners who need to deliver value to their organizations. Theory is covered sufficient to make sure students are on firm footing, but our courses are not geared to more theoretical students: Expect much hands-on work and comparatively few formulae.

Industries for which we regularly provide training include Telco, Insurance, and Marketing and Customer Insights for any B2C organization.

Technologies covered include the R environment for statistical computing and graphics and the ecosystem of products around it: SAP HANA, EMC Greenplum, Tibco, and Oracle, as well as cloud computing infrastructure such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure that allows you to scale your analysis.

You benefit from our practical experience and results-oriented approach to let you jump up the learning curve to deliver results fast.

Contact us now and let us lift you up the learning curve to enable you to deliver an immediate and measurable impact on your organization.

Regular Public Training Courses

Training courses that we are currently offering to the public on a regular basis (directly or through our partners) are listed below. Contact us if you are interested in any of these and we will send you more information and let you know the next course dates.

Marketing Analytics using Microsoft R and Azure

This intensive course gives you hands-on experience using Microsoft R and Azure covering the key techniques for analyzing customer data for Sales and Marketing. The focus is on getting to the business results and you will return to your organization with the skills you need to deliver and demonstrate commercial impact from your work.

Marketing Analytics using R

This course will give the participants an overview of the key techniques used in direct marketing for analysing customer data. The focus is on getting to the business results with just enough technical and mathematical detail to allow us to get there reliably. Our approach is what is usually called scientific marketing: it is about getting the facts and letting the data speak as opposed to relying on our ‘gut’ instincts.

Insurance Analytics and Pricing using R

This course covers the use of the R platform for statistical computing and data visualization within the Insurance industry focusing on non-life insurance pricing.

Non-life insurance pricing is a well-known and well-established process and yet still a critical business issue. The standard for tariff analysis is generalised linear models. We first work through how to develop such a model in R, including model selection and validation. We touch upon how to deploy the model (both scoring using the model and updating the model itself) while ensuring the results remain validated and reproducible.

Advanced Predictive Modelling using R

Coming soon! Advanced modelling techniques using R including in-depth coverage of business strategies to create and use high-performance models for churn, fraud, and much more, using the caret package. Format: 2 half-days per week for 10 weeks with homework exercises (40 hours of live instructor led training).

Large Data and R

There is a misconception that the R language for statistical computing and data visualization is unsuited for large data sets. This is totally false.

This course will teach you how to manipulate and analyse large and very large data sets using R.

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