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William Gibson on Risk Management: It’s the only idea of our times

27 June 2003

I thought it was very interesting to read William Gibson’s argument that risk management isn’t just a good idea but is, in an important sense, the only idea of our times.

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Now is the time to cash in on CRM

11 June 2003

I wrote a small (800 words) article [PDF] for one of the industry analyst’s publications on why it is the right time to finally get some real return on all those CRM (Customer Relationship Management) investments. Return in terms of money, for sure, but also in terms of a much higher quality of customer relationship.

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Selling Software: Artisans of the world, unite!

27 May 2003

The inimitable Tim Bray has an interesting little two-part musing titled Business Ignorance. Part product placement, the main concern of the article are thoughts and ideas on how to market and sell yourself in today’s business climate if you are a small, largely unknown software company. Tim happens to be in the business of managing information, but that is almost irrelevant to the arguments: there is a need, he has a product, so why isn’t it flying off the shelves?

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Linked - The New Science of Networks

24 January 2003

It happens occasionally in human history that a completely new idea appears. Not just any idea, but a significant change in the way we humans think about the world and ourselves. A new paradigm becomes apparent.

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