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4 October 2006

About a year ago we did some work with a London-based private equity fund. The problem was information overload and the idea was to bring together multiple data sources, both public and private, to one data store that could add tags and other meta-data and build synthetic RSS feeds based on search criteria (and even adaptive learning).

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Thinking about success

13 September 2006

Tom Peters made me think about how we define success. If you had a list of companies like Netscape, Microsoft, IBM, HP, and Oracle, which ones would you consider the the winners and which one(s) is the loser(s)?

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55 Ways to Have Fun With Google

11 September 2006

I created an A4 version of the 55 Ways to Have Fun With Google book. If you are in a country where that is a usual paper size and you want to print the book, then this may be useful to you. The original book is released under a Creative Commons licence.

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Telling the truth: technique for unbiased survey answers

7 September 2006

The truth. It is not always easy to get to it. If you are doing surveys or questionnaires you will know that people do not always reply honestly but are biased towards social norms. Ask for which sexually transmitted diseases a person is currently suffering from, and you will get lower responses than the frequency of the diseases in the population.

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XSLT + AJAX Data Grid

1 September 2006

The XSLT + AJAX data grid described over on looks very interesting and solves a real and very common problem. Be sure to try the examples: there are lots of features there.

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BI Megatrends 2006 is out

1 September 2006

The BI Megatrends report for 2006 is out.

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John Kay on intuition

30 August 2006

The second part of John Kay’s article that we wrote about recently is now available online called The maths may be simple but intuition is more use (from the FT or from John Kay’s site).

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A data driven business? But you can't be sure your mathematical model is correct….

22 August 2006

“Data driven business” is one of the new buzzwords, and we are completely behind an approach to doing business that is fouded on real, observed data and rational decision. John Kay’s recent column Don’t box yourself in when making decisions (from the FT or from John Kay’s site) is a timely reminder of some of the hard limitations of modeling.

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RFID and privacy

20 August 2006

We have written about RFID in the past, and the press has contained much debate about the privacy implications in a world where increasingly everything is tagged with a unique identifier. With RFID tags being implemented for national identity cards, privacy continues to be in focus.

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Fenwick Venture Capital Survey and other publications

18 August 2006

The 2Q06 Fenwick & West Venture Capital Survey summarizing venture capital terms in Silicon Valley is out, which seems like a good time to mention their other publications. Unashamedly US and West Coast centric there are some good documents in there for everybody.

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