Oil and Data: Downstream Data Science

Data is the new oil, gushes The Economist in their 6 May 2017 edition. Just like oil fuelled a fast growing economy, so data is the power behind the current economy. Well, if that is the case, then we at CYBAEA are the downstream data scientists of the 21st century. We are concerned with refining, processing, and purifying the raw materials to innovate and grow in the data economy.

In the oil industry, upstream is the drilling and pumping of wells. Similarly, we think of upstream data science as the infrastructure and backbone. In the old days perhaps this was your data warehouse; these days perhaps your data lakes, event and stream processing infrastructure, and so on.

Upstream is essential, but if that is all you do, you end up with a black, sticky, smelly mess on the ground.

Midstream is transportation and wholesale of the raw materials. Important, whether you are piping oil, moving lots of data, or into wholesale of raw data.

Our point is not that we don’t do Upstream and Midstream. It is important stuff and we are happy to get our hands dirty.

But what excites us is to turn the raw material into useful products. In oil, that may be to refine crude oil into petrol or derive petrochemical products such as plastic. In data, it may be to improve what you have, perhaps by better churn activities; to delight your customers by better experience; or to create brand new products or enter new markets by the power of data and insights.

Oil changed your industry, even if you are not using it directly, by opening up vast new possibilities. Similarly, data will change and is changing your industry, even if you are not using it directly, by opening up vast new possibilities.

We are the downstream data scientists. We help you make money from data. Contact us to learn more.

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