CYBAEA Clients and Case Studies

CYBAEA was founded in 2002, originally to support growing high-tech companies, with Amazon and SAP as the first two customers. Some of our work is by nature confidential, but below is a representative sample of organizations that we have helped in the past. Feel free to contact us to discuss any of them in more detail and to read the selected case studies below.

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Clients include Amazon, SAP, GVC (Gambling), Bupa, RSA (Insurance), Vodafone (including UK, NL, RO), O2, KPN/Telfort, eircom/Meteor, Morse plc , Axel Springer, and others.

Below, you can read case studies from a few of our projects.

Bupa Global case study: integrated insight function to support bet-the-business strategic change includes 2% reduction in claims line

[CYBAEA Bupa Case Study]

Bupa Global is the leading provider of international health insurance for globally-minded and globally-mobile customers. It is one of Bupa’s five market units and generates over £100m profits on about £950m revenues from 2 million customers living in over 195 countries across the globe (2015 financials).

In 2013 Bupa Global set out an ambitious new strategy to deliver substantial growth and quickly realised they needed to develop a deep understanding of their target customers, of the products and services they would value, and of the markets in which they live. To this end Allan Engelhardt was brought in from CYBAEA to join the Bupa Leadership Team and establish the global Customer Insights function in Bupa Global.

“Every major strategic decision we made was backed by robust data and deep insights in which the executive team had full confidence,” says Robert Lang, Managing Director of Bupa Global Market Unit, “and Allan was key to ensuring the quality of the insights and the trust of the organization.”

Download PDF: CYBAEA Bupa Case Study.

Revenue growth from Customer Journey optimization in insurance industry to deliver +5.5% Gross Written Premium

[CYBAEA Customer Journey Case Study]

The Nordic brands and operations of an international insurance company was concerned about sales leakage in their customer interaction processes and about commercial optimization of their end-to-end customer journeys across channels, distribution, and products. To address this, they needed to map all customer journeys, identify leakage points, and benchmark their commercial performance against best practice from within and outside the industry.

They called on CYBAEA and its partners to deliver this project as the recognized experts in delivering and exploiting commercial customer insights across industries, giving them the ability to benchmark current practice and build robust business case for change, and for their profound marketing expertise and deep insurance knowledge, combined with Nordic resources possessing local language skills and market understanding.

This review, benchmark, and business analysis identified new revenues worth over £33 million annually that could be delivered within 12 months, corresponding to over 5.5% additional gross written premium (GWP) with normal or below-normal risk that could be acquired at low cost.

“The organization structure needs to have a ‘senior seat’ individual who sits over the channels and owns the end-to-end customer value optimisation. This function must incorporate channel management, customer strategy, customer planning, and customer contact management.”

Download PDF: CYBAEA Revenue Growth from Customer Journey Optimization in Insurance Industry.

Using advanced analytics in the insurance industry for a 14% reduction in loss ratio

[CYBAEA Insurance Advanced Analytics Case Study]

Insurance companies are under pressure to improve their analytical capabilities by using more data and advanced models and traditional insurers need to respond to the challenges posed by many innovative newcomers.

The good news is that advanced analytical capabilities are now available for the taking. The latest machine learning techniques are easy to access through modern analytical tools like R and large scale computing is readily available through private and public clouds.

Even better, you do not have to “boil the ocean” to get started. With the right commercial focus you will deliver value immediately even from small, easy-to-implement changes, and you will have started your journey.

You do not need to abandon well-established practices but can supplement them and validate them against best-in-class processes to deliver commercial value right now. We outline a simple example in this case study.

Download PDF: CYBAEA Using Advanced Analytics in the Insurance Industry Case Study.

Automotive Service Churn proving that churn is predictable from service data

[CYBAEA Bupa Case Study]

Prompted by over-capacity in their automotive service centres, this client called upon CYBAEA to reduce service churn and at the same time look for other commercial opportunities from data and a better understanding of their customers, markets, and competitors.

Initially sceptical that they would not have enough quality data, the client was astounded by the level of insights and commercial actions that even this short four-week first phase delivered.

Initially sceptical that they would not have enough quality data, the client was astounded by the insights and commercial actions from this rapid first phase. All the actions could be implemented quickly to deliver immediate commercial value to the company and improved experience to its customers.

Download PDF: CYBAEA Automotive Service Churn Case Study.

Vodafone Romania case study: Customer Value Management and Inbound Marketing delivers € multi-million new revenues

[CYBAEA Bupa Case Study]

CYBAEA, at the time trading as The PCA Group, the leading Marketing and Customer Relationship Management consultancy for the mobile telecoms industry, took on the role of turning Vodafone Romania’s fledgling marketing organisation into a fully formed Customer Value Management [CVM] practice while implementing new Inbound Marketing Capabilities.

Vodafone Romania, the premier Romanian mobile phone operator, had taken the decision to follow industry best practice and implement a robust Customer Value Management organization. A search was commissioned for an interim Director of CVM who could both shape the organisation and enhance the capabilities while a permanent selection was made.

“As well as shaping our Customer Value Management organisation, we were impressed by the way that the team instituted new revenue generating disciplines and individually developed the key skills of our staff.”

Download PDF: CYBAEA Vodafone Romania Case Study.

Vodafone Netherlands case study: First Customer Value Management implementation delivers €90m (+10%) incremental revenues in first year

[CYBAEA Bupa Case Study]

CYBAEA, at the time trading as The PCA Group, the leading Marketing and Customer Relationship Management consultancy for the mobile telecoms industry, designed and implemented full Customer Value Management [CVM] capabilities for Vodafone Netherlands. This organization has responsibility for customer retention and usage stimulation within the company and has been recognised as central to the operator’s market success in recent years.

Vodafone Netherlands, the Dutch mobile phone operator, was suffering from a fragmented approach to understanding and managing its customer base. As the Dutch market moved from an acquisition to retention focus they identified that significant incremental revenue opportunities could be realised by adopting a customer management approach centred around fact based decisioning and focused direct customer contact. Vodafone rapidly recognised that for the delivery of the required marketing, analytic and reporting capabilities it would need external expertise.

Download PDF: CYBAEA Vodafone Netherlands Case Study.

Vodafone UK case study: Inbound real-time marketing delivers impressive results

[CYBAEA Bupa Case Study]

CYBAEA, at the time trading as The PCA Group, the leading Marketing and Customer Relationship Management consultancy for the mobile telecoms industry, devised and implemented a Real Time Marketing Pilot for Vodafone UK. The Pilot delivers dramatically increased cross-sell rates and customer satisfaction. As a result, Vodafone UK is now further enhancing the solution and will extend it across other customer facing channels within the UK.

Vodafone UK, a member of the world’s largest mobile community, wanted to ensure that every contact with a customer was treated as an opportunity to make an appropriate and relevant offer to them. However, on the assisted channels (call centre and retail stores), Vodafone UK was relying on the quick thinking of the agents to identify cross- and up-sell opportunities. This was simply not sustainable given the increasing complexity of the product portfolio and a customer’s individual situation at any point in time.

“Base Management is now making a significant contribution to the business performance of Vodafone Netherlands. Thanks to the team’s vision, design and implementation skills we have deployed a very significant revenue generating programme with the minimum of pain.”

Download PDF: CYBAEA Vodafone UK Case Study.

Morse plc case study: B2B sales organization built in only 5 weeks with £15m revenues

[CYBAEA Bupa Case Study]

CYBAEA, at the time trading as The PCA Group, the leading Marketing and Customer Relationship Management consultancy, designed and built a new direct business-to-business sales and marketing organization for Morse plc. This new organization complements the traditional field sales force and allows Morse to serve over 2,000 of its existing customers with the full range of Morse products and services, primarily using the direct channels of telephone and email. Additionally, the organization is the single point of contact for new customer enquiries and provides the execution arm for marketing and demand generation.

Morse, the pan-European technology integrator, wanted to grow those of its customers who did not have a dedicated field sales manager by providing a high-quality of service and building an intimate customer relationship while keeping costs firmly under control. Primarily using the telephone and email for contacts, it was important to provide a single point of contact for each customer transaction and a true “one-and-done” experience. Furthermore, Morse wanted to provide a single point of customer contact for marketing activities to act both as outbound execution engine and as the inbound contact handling organization.

“We could not have delivered this change programme in five weeks without the support. The methodology is robust and produces results on time, and the experience of the team was invaluable in ensuring the completeness of the solution.”

Download PDF: CYBAEA Morse Case Study.