We help you make money from data.

We are value and growth architects for the data economy; we are passionate about value creation and delivering financial results. It is not owning the data that conveys the competitive advantage; it is using it better by asking the best questions and acting confidently and decisively on the insights. That’s where we help.

We help you use data and science to make more from what you have. We bring the scientific method to the boardroom to enable decisions that are based on facts. We help you build your leadership’s trust in data, confidence in its insights, and courage to act to deliver lasting impact on the organization’s performance.

What we do

Results for our clients

Our clients find that Customer Value Management typically delivers additional 5% annual EBITDA growth, which is directly and robustly measurable as much of it comes from direct (BTL) marketing. Customer Experience and Advocacy projects typically deliver in the region of 20% EBITDA improvement, but is harder to measure robustly because you need to go above the line (ATL) for this level of impact.

Innovation and Growth is a strategic imperative and we help with both burning-platform, innovate-or-die situations and with creating a culture of innovation, taking the best from science but in a commercial context with a clear focus on the bottom line. We make your scientists (including Data Scientists) effective in your business.

How we work

We don’t just analyse or strategize; we actively work with you to execute on that knowledge to drive the results that make a difference. We have been in business since 2002 and bring decades of experience from science and business. We are based in London with an international network of associates and partners both off-shore and near-shore. We have a growing set of case studies.

Your success is ensured by using the best combination of local and remote resources for effective engagement combined with a razor-sharp focus on delivering commercial value through quick projects with measurable results. We offer flexible engagement models including project delivery, as-a-service, and interim management, all with world-class people, processes, and technologies.

Contact us and achieve the success you deserve.

About our name

It is not important, but our name is Latin:

cybaea (latin), ae, f.: trading vessel; a transport, cargo, or merchant ship.

It refers to a merchant ship of Greek origin that was common in the Mediterranean. Mentioned in Latin only by Cicero in the orations against Verres, it is described as most beautiful and richly adorned.

We prefer the translation “trading vessel”—isn’t that what every company is? Pronunciation was probably with an initial [k] sound but everybody uses a [s] sound, like “cyber-”, so that is that we go with, with the final ‘e’ and ‘a’ each pronounced separately.

More at Wikitionary entry for cybaeus; much more at Perseus search for cybaea.