Will Google destroy the internet?

11 April 2006

What is the biggest threat to the internet as a source of information exchange? The music industry dinosaurs that are stuck in copyright hell? The control freaks in the telecommunications industry that wants to end net neutrality? Google?

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Paper’s Revenge

11 April 2006

Financial analysts are being asked to sign documents agreeing that they will only publish their research “in physical form” and not allow it to be “included in an electronic retrieval system” before Tuesday’s briefing by Standard Life, a British company.

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Internet as a utility

15 March 2006

I spent last week without internet access. The office where I was working only had closed network access, Bluetooth on my laptop has failed so I couldn’t use my mobile as a GPRS modem, the hotel I was staying in had no connection, and when I tried to used a local WiFi hotspot my credit card was rejected.

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Connecting people in the creative enterprise

6 March 2006

In order to get any new project or initiative underway in a large enterprise, you need at least three people: somebody with the idea or business problem, somebody who can implement or at least prototype a solution, and somebody who can promote it. This is our rule of three for innovation management.

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How to retire early (and be happy and productive)

6 March 2006

So you have invested in the Next Net 25, made a fortune and looking to retire. What to do? How to cope? Philip Greenspun (who retired aged 37) has the answer in Early Retirement.

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The Long Snout: A business model for online information

6 March 2006

The internet revolution has proved a headache for most information providers. How are you going to charge for online access? Tim O’Reilly seems to be close to cracking the problem for book publishing:

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At work we are all fighter pilots

5 March 2006

At work, we are all fighter pilots. We have to deal with large amounts of constantly changing data in an environment with many disruptions. Information is no longer a scarce resource: attention is.

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Most decisions are wrong

3 March 2006

In an uncertain, changing world, most decisions are wrong, and success comes not from the inspired visions of exceptional leaders, or prescience achieved through sophisticated analysis, but through small-scale experimentation that rapidly imitates success and acknowledges failure.

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Making navigation complex

1 March 2006

Google with its simple do-as-I-mean interface reigns supreme on the web. With an ever-growing focus on simplification in navigation, it is instructive to step back and challenge the goal occasionally.

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Prayer podcasting

28 February 2006

You know a technology has reached mainstream when you are no longer surprised by who is adopting it. In that sense, it is completely non-news that the Jesuits in London are launching Pray-As-You-Go just in time for Lent. One new prayer and meditation every day, already formatted for your iPod or mobile phone, and perfect for your daily commute.

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