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A data driven business? But you can't be sure your mathematical model is correct….

22 August 2006

“Data driven business” is one of the new buzzwords, and we are completely behind an approach to doing business that is fouded on real, observed data and rational decision. John Kay’s recent column Don’t box yourself in when making decisions (from the FT or from John Kay’s site) is a timely reminder of some of the hard limitations of modeling.

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RFID and privacy

20 August 2006

We have written about RFID in the past, and the press has contained much debate about the privacy implications in a world where increasingly everything is tagged with a unique identifier. With RFID tags being implemented for national identity cards, privacy continues to be in focus.

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Fenwick Venture Capital Survey and other publications

18 August 2006

The 2Q06 Fenwick & West Venture Capital Survey summarizing venture capital terms in Silicon Valley is out, which seems like a good time to mention their other publications. Unashamedly US and West Coast centric there are some good documents in there for everybody.

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Marketing as the corporate head of customer experience, knowledge, and influence

8 August 2006

Forrester says it well when it argues that the corporate Marketing function must

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Whatever happened to focusing on profits?

15 May 2006

We help companies grow, and that includes obtaining growth capital through private placements and listing on AIM. An integral part is to help build the right management team and the right board.

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Will Google destroy the internet?

11 April 2006

What is the biggest threat to the internet as a source of information exchange? The music industry dinosaurs that are stuck in copyright hell? The control freaks in the telecommunications industry that wants to end net neutrality? Google?

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Paper’s Revenge

11 April 2006

Financial analysts are being asked to sign documents agreeing that they will only publish their research “in physical form” and not allow it to be “included in an electronic retrieval system” before Tuesday’s briefing by Standard Life, a British company.

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Internet as a utility

15 March 2006

I spent last week without internet access. The office where I was working only had closed network access, Bluetooth on my laptop has failed so I couldn’t use my mobile as a GPRS modem, the hotel I was staying in had no connection, and when I tried to used a local WiFi hotspot my credit card was rejected.

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Connecting people in the creative enterprise

6 March 2006

In order to get any new project or initiative underway in a large enterprise, you need at least three people: somebody with the idea or business problem, somebody who can implement or at least prototype a solution, and somebody who can promote it. This is our rule of three for innovation management.

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How to retire early (and be happy and productive)

6 March 2006

So you have invested in the Next Net 25, made a fortune and looking to retire. What to do? How to cope? Philip Greenspun (who retired aged 37) has the answer in Early Retirement.

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