Reboot your analytics projects

[Big data, small results?]
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Are you not getting results from your analytics effort? Are you unable to demonstrate the commercial value that the business needs and expects? Are you stuck in a seemingly never-ending ‘more data’ loop unable to control spiralling IT projects?

We can help.

Our Commercial Knowledge Discovery and Exploitation process can review and restart your analytics projects to deliver rapid commercial results.

  1. Unbiased review – we will tell you how it really is.
    We have no agenda other than to help you run your business better; we have no tools or products to sell but have worked with them all (including SAS, SPSS, KXEN, Business Objects, and Cognos, as well as newer tools like R and Hadoop).
  2. Re-align with business opportunities – avoid the ‘analytics for the sake of analytics’ trap by focusing on the actions.
    It is all about the execution. What insight do you actually need in order to decide on which course of action to take? Do you know? Does your analyst know? We can help you clarify your opportunities so the whole team works together.
  3. Avoid the ‘more data’ trap – analytics is a business, not IT, project.
    We know and understand that your information and data warehouse isn’t perfect. There are gaps, errors, and delays. That’s OK. We can show you how to do a lot more with what you already have. And we can help you prioritise the one or two or few enhancements that will really make a bottom-line impact, build the business case, and work with IT to deliver it in a practical and pragmatic way and to a reasonable time scale.
  4. Deliver rapid commercial results – we are all about the money.
    We are obsessed with results and can help your team rediscover their joy of true delivery. We have been there, done that, earned the money and the customer loyalty. We have worked on pay-for-performance engagements and are very happy to do so again.

We have 20+ years of experience of big data environments in a variety of industries including Research, Banking, Insurance, and Telecommunications. We are practised leaders in Marketing, Customer Insights, Risk Management, and Operations.

We believe that good analytics requires a deep grasp of the commercial reality of the business, deep insight into customers and understanding of human behaviour and values, and a certain literacy when it comes to data and predictive and descriptive models. All three elements must come together. Commercial analytics is not something a group of statisticians do in a dark room but is a collaborative effort that supports fact-based decisions and management.

Each one of us speak Data, Customers, and Business. We have developed the business structures, organisation, and leadership that works for Insights and commercially optimises the results. We can get you set up for success.

What you can do right now

  1. Read about the five common pitfalls of commercial analytics projects and use that as a review and action-generating checklist for your organization.
  2. Compare your analytical capabilities with the detailed map at Commercial Analytics: The Capabilities (which you can also download from there as a PDF presentation).

Let us show you what we can do

Let us show you what we can do together. Contact us today for an initial discussion and a quick assessment.