Interim Management from CYBAEA

We know how to build and grow Insights and Marketing teams that deliver commercial value again and again. We have held interim management roles like Head of Customer Insights or Head of Base Management for both large and small enterprises throughout Europe, and we have taken commercial responsibility for delivering the results, including through risk-reward financial models.

We create new departments or we turn around existing organizations to deliver measurable commercial value. Immediately, in the form of quick wins that give direct and measurable bottom line impact, but also how to set up the organization for sustained delivery and commercial focus.

Our approach is “people first”: customers, analysts or marketing professionals, and commercial managers (e.g. product managers). We know all the tools of the trade but this is rarely about the tool: whatever limitations your current systems may have, we usually find that there is much more you can do with what you have got. It is sometimes about the data, and we understand data deeply and can help you with that, but again usually what you have and what is relatively easily available is underutilised.

It is about understanding customers and a strong commercial focus, including analysts and commercial managers working closely together and “speaking the same language” and having the same objectives, all or some of which is often missing from the organization.

You benefit from access to highly skilled individuals for the time you need to execute the change and our world-class process templates, with guaranteed results and assurance of a complete handover to business-as-usual,

Data and advanced analytics is transforming your industry right now. Contact us now and let us help you transform the way you benefit from data.