Analytics as a Service from CYBAEA

Analytics-as-a-Service from CYBAEA is a unique offering. We do not just provide the reports, insights, and models from your data. More valuable, we identify and prioritise the opportunities you have and we help you identify and execute the business actions that will let you take advantage of these, whether these actions are marketing campaigns, price changes, or anything else.

(Of course you get the reports and models as well; our point being that they are the means to an end, an end which is business change. We have held financial P&L responsibility for making money from data and can directly help you achieve your commercial goals.)

It is useful to think of three challenges around advanced analytics:

  1. Data: Organizing, gathering, managing, and understanding data.
  2. Analytics itself: The task of doing the data analysis itself.
  3. Business transformation: Take the insights and transform the way the business operate.

We talk extensively about data elsewhere; here let us just repeat that we are pragmatic about data: it is not about having a complete, perfect data set from the start but about using what we have to achieve the goals and being very commercially-focused about what enhancements will deliver value. That being said, we can help you with your Big Data strategy, including unstructured data, and help you identify and take advantage of external data sources where appropriate. Technically, we can handle in excess of 1 PB data using our standard offerings; beyond that we recommend you consider if event stream processing is right for you.

The analytics is traditionally the core of an analytics-as-a-service offering, and the sidebar gives you one framework for the maturity of the deliverable, from KPIs through Models and Changes to Insights. While we are promoting a fifth level of maturity consisting of joint ownership of the commercial results, it is important to note that this may not be what you need right now. Maybe you just have a model you need refreshed. That is OK. We can offer the service at any level; the advantage of using CYBAEA is that you know your provider can grow with you if you decide that moving up the maturity curve is right for you.

Our analytics approach combine advanced visualizations and easily interpretable models (e.g. lm, glm, or decision trees) with ensemble models for providing the highest performance incorporating the latest advances in data science. We also have deep experience in non-local solutions such as recommendation systems (including association rules) and deep learning techniques including artificial intelligence, and will use these where appropriate.

Through guided workshops incorporating advanced data visualization techniques we make sure you understand what the data means for your business. Analytics isn’t just a technical step, it is a tool to enable business transformation. We are there to support you in that change, whether it is something relatively simple like a pricing adjustment or a one-off marketing campaign or something more complex all the way up to a reassessment of your strategic customers and product portfolios.

Data and advanced analytics is transforming your industry right now. Contact us now to discuss how you can follow the data leaders.