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The truth about venture capitalists according to Marc Andreessen

10 June 2007

Marc Andreessen, who as founder of Netscape and other companies knows a thing or two about the subject, has a nice little series on The Truth About Venture Capitalists, part 1, part 2, and part 3. We’ve said something similar before, but Marc puts it very well.

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Innovation forever

27 May 2007

We are keen on innovation here at CYBAEA, so I feel obliged to mention two articles on the subject that I noticed this week.

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Enterprise social software and profits per employee

24 May 2007

McKinsey writes about Better Strategy Through Organizational Design [PDF] and come out strongly in favor of Enterprise Social Software and collaboration techniques:

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Need to know versus need to share

9 May 2007

If you are into security, classification, and document sharing, then you need to read Jeff Jonas’ post “Need to Know” vs. “Need to Share” – A Very Fine Line Indeed. Otherwise you should probably skip it.

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Do you have a customer strategy?

8 May 2007

I am in Las Vegas for the Unica user conference where we are considering the future of marketing (and how Unica can help you spend a lot of money, naturally). Darcy Bevelacqua from Harte Hanks had a neat line. As a consultant, she gets called in to help companies to define their direct marketing (and customer relationship) approach and to implement it. Her first question is, Do you have a customer strategy?, and the answer is almost inevitable yes.

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The Post-GUI era

6 April 2007

The Post-GUI era. I like the expression and I think what it tries to encapsulate is important.

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Enterprise Social Software is Mainstream

24 March 2007

Enterprise Social Software has gone mainstream. I say this based on the fact that the analysts are now releasing stacks of research on this area. Forrester is a good example (and one of the better companies out there):

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Enterprise Social Software Links

19 February 2007

We don’t normally post just links, but sometimes it is just too hard to keep up with the good stuff. Mike writes from South Africal about lessons learned from social software implementations, and Centopeia (almost as difficult a name as CYBAEA!) comments on Lee’s presentation at LIFT.

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Optimal Knowledge Management

12 February 2007

Interest in productivity and how to manage innovation and know-how appears to be growing. Our article on employee productivity gets about four times more hits than the next most popular post. I imagine that more and more people in the West are waking up to the fact that innovation and high productivity is the only thing that keeps jobs here (though the link from USA Today probably didn’t hurt).

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Influencers are not influential

7 February 2007

You are not nearly as influential as you think you are. One of my friends are doing research on influencers in mobile networks, and he is going to be crushed (or maybe not) by this entry in a recent HBR list which basically says that influentials are not very … influential. That is to say that the spread of new ideas in a social network is not dependent on a few super-connected, highly influential members, contrary to popular assumptions. The article offers some specific strategies for marketeers:

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