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Why is knowledge management failing?

6 November 2005

Martin and Dave wonders why knowledge management has failed: the grand (and sometimes successful) projects of the late nineties and early noughties have come to nothing, and today’s businesses pay only lip-service to being part of “the knowledge economy”. Martin, always perceptive, suggests that the challenge may be cultural.

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Return on Customer and change in market capitalization

6 November 2005

Our long-suffering readership is presumably tired of hearing anymore about our analysis of the UK mobile industry. We promise that this post is the last in the series unless we discover any new and truly remarkable insights.

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Valuation of O2 mobile business

6 November 2005

In our previous analysis we suggested that O2 was undervalued relative to the rest of the UK mobile industry, though that wasn’t our main objective. In summary, we showed that the key markets customer equity (essentially the long-term value of all customers in all key markets) was strongly correlated with the market capitalization of the company. The slope of the fit is unity; in other words the customer equity is the market capitalization, as shown by the green line in the graphs below.

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ROC for mobile industry 2

8 October 2005

Somebody commented that our previous analysis of the Return on Customer formulas for the mobile industry did not take into account the change in the overall number of subscribers.

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Customer equity and enterprise value in the mobile industry - Take 2

6 October 2005

In our previous post we showed a very strong correlation between the market capitalization of three very different mobile companies and their UK performance. In this post we extend the analysis. Background

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ROC for mobile industry

5 October 2005

Apparently, his publishers told Stephen Hawking that for every formula he put into his book, A Brief History of Time, he would halve his sales. I sense our small readership may be decimated by this article. We’ll try to keep it brief, and you can skip to the final line in the final formula.

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Customer equity and market value in the UK mobile industry

2 October 2005

Inspired by Peppers & Rogers’ new book Return on Customer, we decided to calculate customer equity and return on customer equity for the UK mobile industry to see if we could measure the correlation with share price.

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The Economist on a roll

16 September 2005

The Economist</site> is on a roll this week. Go and buy it if you do not subscribe. (Links below may require subscription.)

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Linkfest: Business and entrepreneurship

4 September 2005

I am experimenting with Liferea (Linux Feed Reader) as my RSS reader. Before, I used Bloglines. The change gave me an excuse to go back to my Bloglines clippings folder and look at some old posts I had saved. It is good to look back sometimes, so here are some of the better posts on business and entrepreneurship that caught my attention.

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Howard is leaving venture capital

3 July 2005

Howard Anderson writes in Technology Review why he is leaving the venture capital industry. He gives several reasons.

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