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The sections below describe our use of cookies.

Cookies for core functionality

For functional purposes (managing the web site and recognising you and your preferences across multiple servers) we, like most web sites, use a session cookie. Our’s has the name session and a lifetime of about 347 days. The value is essentially a random string; you can see the current value (if any) in the table below.

Cookies for statistics

We use Google Analytics to provide us with web site usage statistics. You can read the Google Analytics security and privacy statement on their web site. This page also give information on how to opt out of Google Analytics.

Cookies for advertising

We do not participate in any large-scale advertising programmes. Some pages may show affiliate links to Amazon web sites across the globe. At the time of writing we do not believe any of these links sets cookies, but that may change in the future without notice. Please see Amazon’s cookie policies:

Note that this site does not have access to these cookies: they are only sent to Amazon.

Your cookies

For the curious, we present below a table of the cookies your browser sent to this site as seen by the application creating the web output.

The cookies sent by your browser to this web site.


For technical reasons we can’t show you the cookies we are asking your browser to remember (because we haven’t set them yet at the time we create this page content). You can refresh this page and see the updated cookies, or if you want to investigate further then we recommend the Firebug addon to the Firefox browser: it has a handy ‘Cookies’ tab, but be sure to just look at the cookies to this domain.