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They have finally pulled that buggy unreliable piece of code that was doSMP from the CRAN mirrors while (I hear) Revolutions are re-writing it. To use all your cores for analysis on the Windows platform, you can try doSNOW instead; my code is something like the fragment below. Neither option is as attractive as doMC on anything-but-Windows platforms, but sometimes you have to work with legacy systems.

if (.Platform$OS.type != "windows" && require("multicore")) {
} else if (FALSE &&                     # doSMP is buggy
           require("doSMP")) {
    w <- startWorkers()
    on.exit(stopWorkers(w), add = TRUE)
} else if (require("doSNOW")) {
    cl <- snow::makeCluster(4, type = "SOCK")
    on.exit(snow::stopCluster(cl), add = TRUE)
} else {

Change the number 4 to the number of cores that you want to use on the machine. The explicit name space (snow::) is to avoid confusion if you load the "parallel" package or any of the other packages that also define a makeCluster() function.

I hope Revolutions does a good job on the new version: it needs some love.

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