CYBAEA is the “more than analytics” company that not only delivers the insights from your data but also help you execute on that knowledge to give commercial results.


Our main service offerings are listed below with links to more information. Alternatively, feel free to contact us.

Analytics as a Service

  • The zero-investment option where you pay for the results in terms of actionable insights.
  • We take an extract of your data (from you or through a secure connection) and return the insights and actions weekly, monthly, quarterly, or as needed.
  • You benefit from economies of scale and access to the specialist skills you need, when you need it.

Analytical Projects

  • You have data and you have questions; we can help you not only answering those questions but also creating the right business actions.
  • Above all we are pragmatic and commercially focused. We understand that your data isn’t perfect. There are gaps, errors, and delays. That’s OK. We can show you how to do more with what you already have. And we can help you prioritise the few enhancements that will really make a bottom-line impact, build the business case, and work with IT to deliver it in a practical and pragmatic way and to a reasonable time scale.
  • You benefit from our deep commercial and technical expertise and from an established international resource pool (including offshore).

Interim Management

  • We have held interim management roles like Head of Customer Insights or Head of Customer Base Management for large enterprises throughout Europe.
  • We have taken commercial responsibility for delivering the results and have engaged in risk-reward models. We create new departments or we turn around existing organizations to deliver measurable commercial value.
  • You benefit from access to highly skill individuals for the time you need to execute change, with guaranteed results and assurance of a complete handover to business-as-usual.

Management Consulting and change management

  • Management consulting and change management to help you turn into a commercially focused, data-centric company.
  • Change is, or should be, a business-led initiative, and you need to align all the strands of Strategy, People, Process, Technology, Data, and Change Management to achieve lasting success.
  • You benefit from access to the people who have really done this, made it work and made it stick. You get our experience and our best practice change models, organization and process templates, and much more.


  • We provide training both directly as private classes and through our partners as public offerings.
  • Training focuses on practical examples and emphasizes getting to the results over theoretical sophistication. It is intended for practitioners who need to deliver value to their organizations.
  • You benefit from one-to-one access to experienced trainers who are also practitioners and the possibility of having training customised to your requirements.