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At CYBAEA, we are passionate about value creation and delivering commercial results. We help organizations identify and act upon opportunities in the areas of:

We are commercially-driven scientists, data scientists, customer experience experts, strategic thinkers, and practical hands-on doers. We can help you discover your opportunities, paint your vision, align your organization, and deliver the bottom-line results.

Our clients find that Customer Value Management typically delivers additional 5% annual EBITDA growth, which is directly and robustly measurable as much of it comes from direct (BTL) marketing. Customer Experience and Advocacy projects typically deliver in the region of 20% EBITDA improvement, but is harder to measure robustly because you need to go above the line (ATL) for this level of impact.

Innovation and Growth is a strategic imperative and we help with both burning-platform, innovate-or-die situations and with creating a culture of innovation, taking the best from science but in a commercial context with a clear focus on the bottom line. We make your scientists (including Data Scientists) effective in your business.

We don’t just analyse or strategize; we actively work with you to execute on that knowledge to drive the results that make a difference. We have been in business since 2002 and bring decades of experience from science and business. We are based in London with an international network of associates and partners both off-shore and near-shore. We have a growing set of case studies.

Your success is ensured by using the best combination of local and remote resources for effective engagement combined with a razor-sharp focus on delivering commercial value through quick projects with measurable results. We offer flexible engagement models including project delivery, as-a-service, and interim management, all with world-class people, processes, and technologies.

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Make data science effective and commercially accountable

We are known for Data Science, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and Predictive Analytics, but that is only a means to an end. Analytics is not the goal. You may want to increase profits or revenues, treat your customers better, or improve people’s lives or their security. Whatever your goal is, it is our goal too, and we will work tirelessly with you to achieve your ambition, giving you all the support you need (and getting out of the way when you don’t need us).

Yes, we “do” Big Data, predictive analytics, customer segmentation, and all the other elements of data analysis and machine learning. We really understand data and what it can do; we can make your data talk. But we also understand business, making money and getting results, and we understand customers and how to treat them.

We know how to put it all together. The data, the business, the people. We know how to make it work, we understand how to get the results and how to sustain them.

Achieve breakthrough business results from data and scientific methods

We help you make money and achieve breakthrough business results. We understand business; we understand customers; and we understand data. We do analytics-as-a-service, projects, and interim management; we build Customer Insight and Customer Value Management (CVM) functions. See our services for how we do it and read our Journal for examples of our current thinking.

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Journey to profits: valuing the customer experience success story

27 May 2017

What is the value of a good customer experience? From decades of experience, we usually quote around 20% EBITDA growth for companies who have a strategic focus and strong execution. However, almost everyone has low-hanging fruit in this area which can be harvested easily, as in this case study which delivered 5.5% growth. Nothing wrong with taking an initial tactical approach, prove the benefits, pocket the money, and then decide how to move forward.

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Oil and Data: Downstream Data Science

26 May 2017

Data is the new oil, gushes The Economist in their 6 May 2017 edition. Just like oil fuelled a fast growing economy, so data is the power behind the current economy. Well, if that is the case, then we at CYBAEA are the downstream data scientists of the 21st century. We are concerned with refining, processing, and purifying the raw materials to innovate and grow in the data economy.

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Google loves us 100%

26 May 2017

Google loves us 100%. At least that is what the PageSpeed Insights tool tells us for both Mobile and Desktop. And since we are currently promoting our popular Marketing Analytics using Microsoft R and Azure training course for live classes 3-7 July 2017, we thought we should try to make our digital masters happy. So we did. Even if we are not sure it is the right thing to do; it may even be evil.

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Tickets now on sale

Tickets are now on sale for our training course Marketing Analytics using Microsoft Advanced Analytics. This course is extremely popular and spaces are limited so early booking is advised.