CYBAEA is the “more than analytics” company that not only delivers the insights from your data but also helps you execute on that knowledge to drive the results that make a difference.

Analytics is not the goal. You may want to increase profits or revenues, treat your customers better, or improve people’s lives or their security. Whatever your goal is, it is our goal too, and we will work tirelessly with you to achieve your ambition, giving you all the support you need (and getting out of the way when you don’t need us).

Yes, we “do” Big Data, predictive models, customer segmentation, and all the other elements of data analysis and machine learning. We really understand data and what it can do; we can make your data talk. But we also understand business, making money and getting results, and we understand customers and how to treat them.

We know how to put it all together. The data, the business, the people. We know how to make it work, we understand how to get the results and how to sustain them.

Learn from us. We have decades of experience. Browse our site for thoughts, inspiration, white papers, and much more. Contact us and let us talk about the specific situation you face. Maybe a quick call or email can quickly set you on the right path.

What we do

The list below provides an overview of our main services. See also our Journal for our current thinking.

  • The zero-investment option where you pay for the results in terms of actionable insights.
  • We take an extract of your data (from you or working on your infrastructure) and return the insights and actions weekly, monthly, quarterly, or as needed.
  • You benefit from economies of scale and access to the specialist skills you need, when you need it.
Analytical Projects
  • You have data and you have questions; we can help you not only answering those questions but also creating the right business actions.
  • Above all we are pragmatic and commercially focused. We understand that your data isn’t perfect. There are gaps, errors, and delays. That’s OK. We can show you how to do more with what you already have. And we can help you prioritise the few enhancements that will really make a bottom-line impact, build the business case, and work with IT to deliver it in a practical and pragmatic way and to a reasonable time scale.
  • You benefit from our deep commercial and technical expertise and for an established international resource pool (including offshore).
Interim Management
  • We have held interim management roles like Head of Customer Insights or Head of Base Management for large enterprises throughout Europe.
  • We have taken commercial responsibility for delivering the results and have engaged in risk-reward models.
  • We create new departments or we turn around existing organizations to deliver measurable commercial value.
  • You benefit from access to highly skilled individuals for the time you need to execute the change, with guaranteed results and assurance of a complete handover to business-as-usual.
Strategy and Change Management
  • Management consulting and change management to help you turn into the commercially focused, data-centric company.
  • We do not directly provide technology products and have no financial links with any of the vendors, but provide unbiased advice from decades of practical experience and a deep knowledge of the industry.
  • Change is, or should be, a business-led initiative that aligns all the strands of Strategy, People, Process, Technology, Data, and Change Management to achieve lasting success.
  • You benefit from access to decades of successful change management experience and proprietary methodologies to ensure you are successful.
  • We provide training both directly and through our partners. Our training focuses on practical examples and emphasizes results over theoretical sophistication, and is intended for practitioners who need to deliver value to their organizations.
  • Theory is covered sufficient to make sure students are on firm footing, but our courses are not geared to more theoretical students: Expect much hands-on work and comparatively few formulae.
  • Industries: Telco, Insurance, and Marketing and Customer Insights for any B2C organization.
  • Technologies covered are R and the ecosystem of products around it: SAP HANA, EMC Greenplum, Tibco, Oracle Big Data Appliance.
  • You benefit from our practical experience and results-oriented approach to let you jump up the learning curve to deliver results fast.

Contact us now to see how we can help you achieve lasting success.

Recent articles on our Journal

Analytics for Marketing online training 25 - 28 September 2012

1 August 2012

I am excited to be giving the Analytics for Marketing online training course on 25-28 September 2012. Sign up before 25 August 2012 for the early bird discount.

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When Big Data matters

21 March 2012

Big can be a qualitative as well as a quantitative difference. The gas in the ill-fated Hindenburg airship, the gas that formed our Sun, and the gas that formed the Milky Way galaxy were just lumps of hydrogen atoms (with varying impurities). The difference was in the number of atoms. But that difference in numbers made the three structures into different things. You simply cannot look at them in the same way. If you try to model the galaxy in the way you model a balloon you will fail.

[Hindenburg, Sun, galaxy]
Just a bunch of hydrogen atoms: when “big” makes a qualitative difference.
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R code for Chapter 2 of Non-Life Insurance Pricing with GLM

13 March 2012

We continue working our way through the examples, case studies, and exercises of what is affectionately known here as “the two bears book” (Swedish björn = bear) and more formally as Non-Life Insurance Pricing with Generalized Linear Models by Esbjörn Ohlsson and Börn Johansson (Amazon UK | US).

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R code for Chapter 1 of Non-Life Insurance Pricing with GLM

1 March 2012

Insurance pricing is backwards and primitive, harking back to an era before computers. One standard (and good) textbook on the topic is Non-Life Insurance Pricing with Generalized Linear Models by Esbjorn Ohlsson and Born Johansson (Amazon UK | US). We have been doing some work in this area recently. Needing a robust internal training course and documented methodology, we have been working our way through the book again and converting the examples and exercises to R, the statistical computing and analysis platform. This is part of a series of posts containing elements of the R code.

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R versus SAS/SPSS in corporations

28 October 2011


We have created and managed analytics teams in commercial organizations (mainly telecommunications) across Europe. The teams were using SAS or SPSS. Our company now has a commercial analytics as a service offering and we mainly use R.

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