CYBAEA helps you make money. Every company we have worked with has achieved substantial incremental EBITDA growth in 6-18 months from the impact of data and insights applied to their commercial processes from each of our major projects. They have done this across industries and geographies, again and again, achieving real bottom-line impact that is measurable and measured. (See some of our customers and case studies.)

Let us help you put data to work. We understand both data and commercials. We don’t just analyse data; we actively work with you to execute on that knowledge to drive the results that make a difference. We have been in business since 2002. We are based in London with an international network of associates and partners both off-shore and near-shore.

Your success is ensured by using the best combination of local and remote resources for effective engagement combined with a razor-sharp focus on delivering commercial value through quick projects with measurable results. We offer flexible engagement models including project delivery, as-a-service, and interim management, all with world-class people, processes, and technologies.

Be a data hero. Contact us now and let us work together.

What we do

We help you make money and achieve breakthrough business results. We understand business; we understand customers; and we understand data. We do analytics-as-a-service, projects, and interim management; we build Customer Insight and Customer Value Management (CVM) functions; and we like the R platform for statistical computing and its related ecosystem. See our services for how we do it and read our Journal for examples of our current thinking.

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Analytics is not the goal. You may want to increase profits or revenues, treat your customers better, or improve people’s lives or their security. Whatever your goal is, it is our goal too, and we will work tirelessly with you to achieve your ambition, giving you all the support you need (and getting out of the way when you don’t need us).

Yes, we “do” Big Data, predictive analytics, customer segmentation, and all the other elements of data analysis and machine learning. We really understand data and what it can do; we can make your data talk. But we also understand business, making money and getting results, and we understand customers and how to treat them.

We know how to put it all together. The data, the business, the people. We know how to make it work, we understand how to get the results and how to sustain them.

Learn from us. We have decades of experience. Browse our site for thoughts, inspiration, case studies, white papers, and much more. Contact us and let us talk about the specific situation you face. We have worked with many companies big and small.

Recent articles from our Journal

Explorers and farmers: What is a ‘Data Scientist’?

27 March 2017

I am not sure the term ‘Data Scientist’ means anything anymore. As often happens with new buzzwords, they take on a life of their own and the original meaning becomes diluted. But I do think the term was useful and could be useful to distinguish from other data related functions in the organization, and I feel it is worth reclaiming the term for this precise usage.

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Bringing dinosaurs back to life: the future of insurance

13 March 2017

The Economist has two articles on the future of Insurance. The first article estimates that the US general (P&C) insurance industry had a combined ratio of 100.3% in 2016, ie a net loss, due to its complacent refusal to modernise and a stubborn reliance on manual processes. It proposes two ways out:

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What is wrong with lift curves

31 October 2016

The first part of our Marketing Analytics Using R course covers campaign analysis with test- and control groups and campaign optimisation using lift curves and predicted responses. Among the many topics covered, we discuss what is wrong with lift curves. They are a standard tool in marketing to select a target group for a campaign based on predicted response propensity, but they way they are used is wrong, or at least sub-optimal.

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How do we know that marketing works?

17 October 2016

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Marketing Analytics Using R Training Course 31 October - 04 November 2016

30 August 2016

Back by popular demand! We have been asked many times when we would run again the Marketing Analytics Using R training course. We used to do it with Revolution Analytics which is now part of Microsoft but due to client-side commitments we have not had a public course for 2 years.

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